06.10.2023: Welcome Laura and Pitter

Laura Ragni and Pitter Huesgen joined the Plant Science community as new professors! Great to have you in Freiburg!

06.10.2023: Publication list dupdated

... great to see so many DOMPS publications. Keep on going!

16.11.2022: Registration for first DOMPS Symposium is open!

Many thanks to Seinab Noura and Sophie Farkas from AG Kleine-Vehn for taking the initiative! Registration for the first Molecular Plant Science Symposium Freiburg is now open. Deadline for registration is Dec 9. Please register here.

01.11.2022: Publication list updated

The DOMPS publication list has been updated ... 38 DOMPS publications as of Nov 1.

14.01.2022: Welcome Sjon and Sarah

We are very happy to welcome Sjon Hartman and Sarah Courbier to the Plant Science community in Freiburg! Sjon recently started his CIBSS W1 Professorship in "Plant developmental signalling" and Sarah started as Postdoc working on TOR and light signalling in the Hiltbrunner lab. Great to have you here!

19.03.2021: 92 people attended Zoom online seminar

Great success ... 92 people attended Prof. Ute Hoeckers talk on "Mechanisms and Evolution of Light Signalling in Arabidopsis and Physcomitrium".

27.01.2021: Great start to 2021 ...

Two new publications by the Reski lab ... one of them in Nature Plants!

15.12.2020: Jürgen Kleine-Vehn: Welcome to Freiburg!

Prof. Jürgen Kleine-Vehn and his research group joined the Institute of Biology II in December. We are looking forward to exciting science and welcome you in Freiburg!

18.11.2020: ... another updated of the publication list

Publications by Palme, Hess, Wilde and Hiltbrunner lab added

22.05.2020: Publication list updated

Publications by Palme, Ott, Hess, and Reski lab added

07.02.2020: DOMPS Paper Awards 2019 announced

In January 2020, the DOMPS community voted for the best presentations PhD students and Postdocs in 2019. The winners of these DOMPS Speaker Awards 2019 were announced today:

DOMPS Speaker Awards 2019:

  • 1st Prize:
    Zenglin Li, PhD student, AG Hiltbrunner
    Function of ERF transcription factors in phytochrome mediated light responses in Arabidopsis.
  • 2nd Prize:
    Pengbo Liang, PhD student, AG Ott
    The SYFO1-mediated cell wall-plasma membrane-cytoskeleton continuum is required for symbiotic infections in Medicago truncatula.
  • 3rd Prize:
    Pamela Aceves Garci­a, AG Laux
    First steps towards plant stem cell ChIP.
Left to right: Pamela Aceves Garcia, Pengbo Liang, Zenglin Li

01.02.2020: Publication list updated ... 48 publications by DOMPS members in 2019

New publications added; 49 publications in 2019 and already 9 publications in 2020

19.11.2019: Publication list updated

New publications by Laux, Reski, and Hess labs added.

19.10.2019: New publications added

Publications by Hess, Wilde, Trujillo, and Hiltbrunner/Klose lab added.

16.07.2019: Update of publication list

Several publications added to publication list

25.04.2019: Update of publication list

Publications by Reski lab added to publication list; also publication listing T. Kunkel as co-author and reporting on use of phytochrome-based optogenetic tool in investigation of T cell receptor added to publication list

31.03.2019: Another update of the publication list

Publications by Reski, Palme, Hess, and Beyer lab added to publication list

02.03.2019: Publication list has been updated

Publications by Reski and Hiltbrunner lab added to publication list

14.02.2019: Several new publications added

Publications by Palme and Beyer/Welsch lab added to publication list

08.11.2018: Update on stem cell control

S. Biedermann and T. Laux summarise recent advances in research on stem cell control → see recent publication in Current Biology[PubMed]

06.11.2018: New paper in Development

The plant hormone auxin beats the time for oscillating, light-regulated lateral root induction → see publication by Stefan Kircher and Peter Schopfer[PubMed]

27.09.2018: DOMPS members contribute to CIBSS Cluster of Excellence

Final decisions in Germany's Excellence Strategy have been announced on September 27. Several DOMPS researchers are PIs or AIs in CIBSS (Centre for Integrative Biological Signalling Studies), which is among the successful Clusters of Excellence → see press release

19.09.2018: Publication list updated

Several new publications (AG Trujillo [PubMed], AG Laux [PubMed], and AG Wilde [PubMed]) added to DOMPS publication list.

27.07.2018: Moss cell biology and FtsZ networks

New publication by Reski group on quantitative moss cell biology [PubMed] and FtsZ network characteristics [PubMed].

20.07.2018: Nature Plants publication on embryo patterning

New publication by Laux group in Nature Plants, showing that maternal auxin supply contributes to early embryo patterning in Arabidopsis[PubMed].

29.06.2018: Publication list updated

Several new publications added ... currently 44 DOMPS publications in 2018! Have a look at the DOMPS publication list.

07.06.2018: New paper

New paper by Venezia and Kircher in Phys. Biol.[PubMed]. Venezia and Kircher investigate, in collaboration with C. Fleck and colleagues, University of Wageningen, how phytochrome photobodies form using experiments and mathematical modelling.

01.05.2018: New paper

New paper by Ott group in Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A.doi: 10.1073/pnas.1721868115. Liang and colleagues show that symbiotic root infections in Medicago truncatula require remorin-mediated receptor stabilization in membrane nanodomains.

13.04.2018: DOMPS Paper Awards 2017 announced

In December 2017, the DOMPS community voted for the best presentations by Master students, PhD students, and Postdocs in 2017. The winners of these DOMPS Speaker Awards 2017 were announced today:

Master Student Speaker Awards 2017:

  • Shared 1st Prize:
    Nikolai Kahle, AG Hiltbrunner
    Integration of light and temperature signaling through the COP1/SPA complex by novel phytochrome-interacting factors.
  • Shared 1st Prize:
    Moritz Miebach, AG Laux
    Spatio-temporal transcriptional control of the Arabidopsis root stem cell niche by chromatin modifications.
  • Shared 1st Prize:
    Annika Wein, AG Laux
    Ageing of the root apical stem cell niche of Arabidopsis thaliana.

PhD Student Speaker Awards 2017:

  • 1st Prize:
    Beatrix Enderle, AG Hiltbrunner
    PCH1 and PCHL regulate signal integration and photomorphogenesis in plants by controlling phytochrome B dark reversion.
  • 2nd Prize:
    Bugra Özdemir, AG Reski
    Analysis of Physcomitrella chloroplasts to reveal adaptation principles leading to structural stability at the nano-scale.
  • 3rd Prize:
    Pengbo Liang, AG Ott
    The assembly of an infection-related nanodomain.

Postdoc Speaker Awards 2017:

  • 1st Prize:
    Cornelia Klose, AG Hiltbrunner
    Phytochrome dynamics in Arabidopsis: From dark reversion to temperature sensing.
Left to right: Beatrix Enderle (also showing diploma for Cornelia Klose), Moritz Miebach, Annika Wein, Nikolai Kahle, Pengbo Liang, Desirée Gütle (showing diploma for Bugra Özdemir); not on photo: Cornelia Klose and Bugra Özdemir (photo by Yingqiang Xu)

10.04.2018: New paper

New paper by Reski group in FEBS Journaldoi: 10.1111/febs.14458

06.04.2018: DOMPS Paper Award 2017 announced

In 2017, DOMPS members published 59 papers, e.g. in Science, Nature Communication, Developmental Cell, Genes and Development. An expert jury consisting of Prof. Peter Schopfer, Prof. Gerd Jürgens, and Prof. Thomas Ott now selected the best DOMPS pulication in 2017. The DOMPS Paper Award 2017 winners are:

  • 1st Prize:
    Zhang, Z., Tucker, E., Hermann, M., and Laux, T. (2017).
    A molecular framework for the embryonic initiation of shoot meristem stem cells.
    Dev. Cell 40: 264–277.e4. [PubMed]
  • 2nd Prize:
    Enderle, B., Sheerin, D.J., Paik, I., Kathare, P.K., Schwenk, P., Klose, C., Ulbrich, M.H., Huq, E., and Hiltbrunner, A. (2017).
    PCH1 and PCHL promote photomorphogenesis in plants by controlling phytochrome B dark reversion.
    Nat. Commun. 8:2221. [PubMed]
  • 3rd Prize:
    Renault, H., Alber, A., Horst, N.A., Basilio Lopes, A. Fich, E.A., Kriegshauser, L., Wiedemann, G., Ullmann, P., Herrgott, L., Erhardt, M., Pineau, E., Ehlting, J., Schmitt, M., Rose, J.K., Reski, R., and Werck-Reichhart, D. (2017).
    A phenol-enriched cuticle is ancestral to lignin evolution in land plants.
    Nat. Commun. 8: 14713. [PubMed]

Left to right: Thomas Ott, Beatrix Enderle, Gerd Jürgens, Marita Hermann, Peter Schopfer, Eva Decker (photo by Yingqiang Xu)

06.04.2018: Special guest

On April 6, 2018, Prof. Gerd Jürgens, Centre for Molecular Biology, University of Tübingen and Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology, Tübingen, gave a seminar on "Membrane fusion in plant cytokinesis - an evolutionary perspective".

Gerd Jürgens, DOMPS seminar on April 6, 2018

30.03.2018: New paper

New paper in Cell Reports by Palme group → PubMed

29.03.2018: New paper

... another new paper by Reski group → doi: 10.1093/nar/gky225

08.03.2018: New paper

New paper out by Reski group → doi: tpc.00632.2017

January 2017: Winners of DOMPS Paper Award and DOMPS Special Award 2016

Paper Award:
  • Schuergers, N., ..., and Wilde, A. (on photo; right) (2016). Cyanobacteria use micro-optics to sense light direction. Elife 5: e12620. [PubMed]
  • Horst, N.A., ..., Decker, E.L. (on photo; left), ..., and Reski, R. (2016). A single homeobox gene triggers phase transition, embryogenesis and asexual reproduction. Nat. Plants 2: 15209. [PubMed]
Special Award:
  • Tim Kunkel (middle)

January 2017: Winners of DOMPS Speaker Award 2016

PhD students:
  • Fei Du, AG Laux (not on photo)
  • Lennard Bohlender, AG Reski (middle)
  • Ernst Aichinger, AG Laux (left)
  • Jens Georg, AG Hess (right)